I'm Christi Tasker.

It's nice to meet you. I'm Christi Tasker, an American born and raised by an Army Attache's daughter. My husband, mother and I are longtime Brickell residents. Together my husband and I have five successfully grown daughters and seven grandchildren and two fursons. We are very concerned about over-development, lack of infrastructure follow-through, safety & crime. 

Most importantly, I'm known as a TASKMASTER! 

Let's get this flashback party started...

Unlike a lot of politicians, I am proud to tell you, I am not reliant on the Commissioner's income and I will not be taking campaign funds or new clients that conflict with the City.


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Here are just a few of my news features against the same Russian developers funding my competition:

Not a fan of playing Russian roulette with the City and their idealistic development favors? Me either.

As the owner of multiple small businesses I have experienced big money buy out$ & government overreach more than once. For my local Miami business, it started with the Zika scare:

P.S. I take issues to my social media, mainstream media, and alternative media. Please follow my social media channels and share my posts with your neigbors:

P.S.S. While many of the other candidates seem to be long-time government grifters, have obvious budgeting issues, and tell half truths, I welcome your questions about my online reputation:

Real Citizen. Real Results


Christi Tasker Is Invested in Miami

I'm a Brickell Property & Business Owner. And a long-time advocate for Miami citizens, business owners, HOAs & property owner's rights.

When I first moved to Miami in 2015, I experienced the building department accepting payoffs in exchange for Certificate of Occupancies.

In 2018, I moved to Brickell and have daily experience with the big developer invasion. The developers often have ties to Russia or China and they do not have the surrounding neighbors in mind. A vote for me is a vote for someone who will listen and hold townhalls before legislation is signed or before planning & zoning approvals are voted on. As a citizen, your feedback is worth much more than developer's payoffs to my PAC fund. A vote for me is a vote to ensure your basic services are delivered and 311 reports are immediately followed up on. As a business owner, I plan to read contracts, agreements and legislature before I vote on it. I will not be relying on persuasion by lobbyists, politicians or the city manager.

My reputation is scarless and my word is everything. My parents served on my hometown city council and the planning/zoning and master planning board. My mother and I received a city proclamation for preserving a historic real estate development and were active parts of the 20-year design masterplan. Plans and community involvement are critical. Having a true voice and neighbor on the City commission is the most critical.

With your vote, I will listen to you and ensure services are delivered and always vote with your best interest in mind, even if it's not the most popular or profitable.

District 2 Miami Commission| About Christi Tasker, Best Miami Commissioner Candidate Best Miami Commissioner Candidate

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My Digital Media Marketing Agency

In 2003, I began marketing businesses on MySpace. In 2013, I wrote the book The Power of Pinterest.

My Lifestyle & Travel Blog

I was nominated for Best South Florida Travel Blogger and Best Design Blogger for my design inspiration blog.

My Branding Design Agency

Branding and marketing are a huge part of my overall products and experiential marketing projects.

My E-Commerce Store

In 2020, we all had life changes. I could not travel as much, and I had the urge to finally start ChristiTasker.com

Online Art Gallery Project

Wynwood Lab is an online auction house where artists will be able to sell their original wall art, jewelry, or other artisan handmade items.

My Experiential Marketing Work

My marketing agency first came to Miami to open a venue where artists could collaborate & connect to further their careers and find mentors.

My Creative Mentorship Program

Launching in 2023, I have a complete online creative mentorship business training program to help artists use their talents for profits.

My Husband's Business

In 2015, my husband left his cushy office in Las Vegas to move to Miami after the company he worked for was acquired by venture capitalist group Blackstone.



Hello World!

Bicentennial Technology, Designer, & Marketer Was Born

I grew up designing and building furniture and hand-making jewelry. Instead of my parents spoiling me, I had to earn 50% of the money whenever I wanted something new. My Tandy computer helped reconcile it all. And my banker grandmother and my entrepreneur mother & father taught me almost everything they knew.


Gainesville GA

First Jobs

First Job at Age 15

I started working as a sales associate in the Merry Go Round Corporation. Then, I was later recruited by County Seat the Jean Store.

January 1990

Gwinnett Place Mall. Duluth GA

Grandmother Insisted I Work At The Bank

My grandmother always thought that entrepreneurship meant instability. So she insisted I get a "consistent job" at the bank. I did learn all about the banking system & finances. I also saw how much small businesses impacted local economies.


First National Bank of Gainesville, GA

Started First Business

Designed & Developed First Commercial Property Marketed on MySpace

Without a clue what I'd gotten myself into, my mom and I bought a historic residential house that we converted into a retail store. It was complicated, and it defied and set planning & zoning ordinances for everything from preserving tree canopies to designing sidewalks, traffic circles, and signage.

September 1999

Suwanee, GA


Award Winning Interior Designer, Product Designer &

By 2010, my mother and I had won almost every design award and been featured in many magazines, resulting in increased tourism to the City of Suwanee.

By 2010

Throughout the United States & Caribbean

Technology Award Winner

Moved to Las Vegas & Won Technology, Marketing, & PRSA Awards, Including Cox Communications Tech Exec Award for increasing tourism

I helped the City of Las Vegas & International Market Centers increase tourism to Las Vegas.

July 2010

Downtown Las Vegas, NV

The Start of Something New

I moved to Miami To Start Wynwood Lab & Casa Wynwood

I had a concept of combining multiple brands and businesses into an event space for luxury market product showcases. We transformed 7500 of a Wynwood warehouse and lost the least to commercial rent increases.


Wynwood Arts District, Miami

Bayside Condo Living

Moved to Brickell

Daily we deal with noise violations, construction developer violations, super loud motorcycles that police cannot pull over to ticket, parking, unmaintained parks, bike & walking paths that need repair, signage that needs repair, garbage being dumped, and littering.

June 2018

Moved to The Roads

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