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Why ChristI Tasker

Christi is lifelong Republican, award-winning business owner & consultant, mom & abuela who upholds the Constitution, morals & values.

Christi is a wife, mom, and abuela of seven grandchildren. As a trusted business advisor, and good listener Tasker is dedicated to success. With her “everything starts at the top” attitude, Tasker will lead Republicans of the Miami-Dade Republican Party to successfully get local qualified candidates elected. 

Christi Tasker is dedicated and knowledgeable. Best yet, she has the energy, dedication, and knowledge to resolve the issues and immediately get the Republican Party back on track, getting local Republicans elected.  Christi prioritizes Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL AMERICANS.

Christi's Crew

christi can resolve

Miami needs a leader with actionable steps to: 


New Ideas, Energy & Expertise

Christi will use her marketing, communications and business consulting expertise to introduce new concepts and ideas to grow the Republican Party.

Support Miami Conservative Republicans

Making change in government starts with supporting Republican candidates. Christi is a well spoken Republican advocate.

Uphold The U.S. & Florida Constitution

Christi comes from generations of lifelong American constitutionalists. She works to protect civil rights for all Americans.

Get Homeless Off Our Streets

The homeless problem is a chain reaction with real consequences that grow by the day. Christi has success...

Professional Citizens From All Walks of Life

Meet The Team

From Cuban American attorneys and former weathermen, 

Christi has a team of Miamians with a shared passion

for doing what's right for people. 


Kevin Trainor

Policy Advisor


Eduaro Vidal

General Counsel

Campaign is power


Total Volunteer




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Christi Tasker's Concerns For Miami

Priorities & Solutions

When we put people over politics Miami citizens win.

About State Committeewoman,Miami State Committeewoman

Homeless Investigation Into NGOs Receiving Tax Payer Fund$

About State Committeewoman,Miami State Committeewoman

Trollies, Parking, Transportation, Traffic Review

About State Committeewoman,Miami State Committeewoman

Police Force Criminal Investigation Oversight & Review