Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian’s Campaign Manager’s Kids Reveal The Truth

Damian Pardo’s Statements and Campaign is Built on Lie$ and Deception Orchestrated by Attorneys & Journalist$, Even His Campaign Manager’s Kids Can See The Truth


“Damian Pardo claims to be a long-time LGBTQ activist; my research shows he’s a long-time government grifter. The City of Miami can’t afford four years of Special Interest$ leadership. Damian Pardo’s statements are so full deceptivene$$ I find it appalling. I’ll be filing campaign violations against him. I do find it sad that our media has become pay-to-play propaganda. In the meantime, Miami citizens deserve to know the truth before casting their votes.”

~Christi Tasker

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Damian Pardo’s Campaign Manager’s Kids Choose Christi Tasker As Their Leader

It’s no joke, we can’t even make this #BecauseMiami and #OnlyInDade moment up! At a recent candidates meet and greet hosted by a neighbor of Damian Pardo’s campaign manager and attorney, most likely also working for Bill Fuller, owner of Ball & Chain, some kids asked me for an interview. I graciously accepted and asked to record the interview. I’ll post it below this article.

After the 20-minute interview, the very well-informed District 2 little mayham informed me that she and her brother would both be supporting my candidacy and wanted yard signs. He stated they knew exactly which of their neighbors would like me as their canidate too. About 15 minutes after the interview, I got a tap on the arm, the young lady came back to me inform me she’s written a theme song for my campaign:


One thing is for sure – kids can see the truth. They can see that i am the candidate with their future in mind. This little girl is Damian Pardo’s campaign managers daughter. After an 18 minute youtube interview she and her brithet brhsn campaigning for me. #Miami #Commission #kids #kidsoftiktok #kidstiktok #kidsbelike #kidsactivities #kidsvsparents #becausemiami #brickell #downtownmiami #downtown #coconutgrovemiami #coconutgrove #edgewater #southflorida #sofla #miamiliving #miamilife🏝 #miamilifestyle #miamiflorida @P.S. This Rocks @christitasker @pamelareeves2832

♬ The Cutest Thing Ever! – SiLLy ViRaL


Separate Fact From Fiction In The Damian Pardo Deceptivene$$

Let’s get this straight -I don’t care who anyone has sex with! If 35 years of activism has gotten us where we are, Damian has spent his waking hours working against us, not for us. My observations of Damian and the other candidates are from an outsider who’s worked out solutions for decades. The perspective concludes that he’s a government grifter with an agenda that is NOT his own but someone else’s.

I began to take notice when I first saw that Damian’s work as an LGBTQ+++ Activist had been scrubbed from the internet. Notice, for a 35-year-old activist, there is little press or any photos of him outside of the LGBTQ community prior to this November 7 political race.

When Damian called and texted me for help because he was not present at City meetings, my internal bells and whistles began to ding! Keep reading to see my references.

He first called to request I help him file sunshine law violations against Covo because he needed someone who was actually present at the City Commission meeting where the law was violated. I have NEVER seen Damian at a City Commission meeting and I attend almost all of them in person. If I’m not able to attend, I still watch them online. Still, no Damian speeches that I’m aware of.

When interviewing with the SAVE PAC, an LGBTQ political action committee, special interest$ organization made what Christian Family Coalition founder Anthony Verdugo calls false accusations are past concerning to me. I am putting this information out there for you to decide before you vote. At the end, I formally request your vote for me, Christi Tasker #266 so that we can simply have a city commissioner focused on positive legislation, responsible development, and getting our city services completed on time every time.


Could both Joe Carollo and William Fuller be using Damian to government grift to pay off the Ball & Chain Lawsuit so they win? Let’s follow the money…

My government grifter radar slowly fluctuated from part-time government grifter and corporate fundraiser to almost total government grifter early on with Damian. You’ll see why when you read on.

Then I realized Damian donated $60,000 to himself. I’ve donated $5,000 to myself so donations and believing in yourself are always a good investment.

Damian claims to be good at finances but my financial expertise tells me that a $60,000 investment that comes with a tremendous four-year workload will only create a threefold return. UNLE$$, there’$ more than meet$ the eye.

Then, there were the anti-corruption fliers and statements with the rehearsed lines of “We can do better”, I agree we can do better than Government Grifter$ Damian Pardo and Sabina Covo!

Damian Pardo’s anti-corruption fliers are filled with the statement that he’s the ONLY candidate NOT funded by “City Hall” special interest is MISLEADING 

Words matter. And Damian’s fliers and his campaign messaging are obviously created by attorneys, and they are past publically misleading. They are so bad that I’m not an attorney or used to being in court, but I want to “object” and bring this to your attention BEFORE you check your ballot.

First, “City Hall” is a place, not a person. The place holds people, documents, and city things. The place itself has ZERO interest.

A thing can’t have “special interests”. People like Damian Pardo, who creates special interest political action committees, have interest$! So, the attorney’s language is correct. NO ONE CAN TAKE CITY HALL SPECIAL INTEREST BECAUSE THE PLACE DOES NOT HAVE AN INTEREST. 

There are three other candidates, including myself (Christi Tasker), in the race who have refused special interest money of all kinds.

Damian Pardo Is The Founder of Special Interest Group SAVE PAC, the Politicial Action Committee That Endorses Sabina Covo

In all fairness, Damian proudly mentions founding SAVE PAC organization in his responses in town halls. I don’t think citizens realize what this means for them. He just fails to mention that his SAVE PAC organization has funded Sabina Covo twice.

SAVE PAC is an organization that supports LGBTQ equality and their special interests, not all special interests. Please read my full questionnaire and details of my SAVE PAC interview here.


Sabina Covo Cannot Say The Pledge of Allegiance But She Can Raise The LGBTQ+ Flag & Is Proud To Be Endorsed by Damian Pardo’s Organization

This is not the only politician behind Damian. Oh! No – he’s a wealth manager because he’s been government grifting for quite a long time. In one sentence he’s privately asking politicians for funds from your tax dollars. In the next sentence, he’s  publically calling the politicians corrupt.


Damian Pardo Festivals & Organizations Are Funded by Joe Carollo & Bill Fuller

Throughout Candidate Forums, I keep hearing Damian tout the Gay8 Festival being the largest festival in all of Miami or the entire United States. Well, ladies and gentleman, Joe Carollo’s office along with multiple other politicians use your tax dollars to fund Damian’s Gay8 Festival, which occurs on Calle Ocho in District 3, Joe’s District.

I am not a fan of government taxpayer monies going to fund any special interests involving sexual relations of any kind. There are plenty of corporate sponsors that jumped on board with Damian’s dream festival, but I do not think we should have homeless people starving OR kids playing basketball in the middle of the street OR cars speeding by while we have no police or people being robbed while we give money to Damian’s Dreams.

Some of you may want to call me anti-LGBTQ. No, I am just anti-taxpayer funding what should be privately run special events.

I have brought LGBTQ organizations such as Housing Work’s Design on a Dime to Miami in 2016 and hosted them in a privately on my own dollar in a venue that I founded. But I have never asked the City or any politicians for funds or sponsorships or endorsements on your tax dollar. And I never will.

Does Damian Pardo and his campaign managers have an endless budget and an initiative to get the City of Miami taxpayers to pay the $63.5 million judgment for his friends William “Bill” Fuller and Joe Carollo?


Damian Pardo Calls Christi Tasker to File Sunshine Law Violations Because He Was NOT In Attendance of The City Meeting Where The Violation Occurred

Behind the scenes Damien Pardo sends me this text requesting I call him to file sunshine law violations with Grant Stern’s attorney. See Grant Stern’s views and keep in mind, even when I agree with him he refuses to include me in any public comments.


Damian Pardo Doesn’t Pay Attention, But He Wants Voters To Vote For Him

Damian Pardo and Grant Stern have requested MY help with issues of the Commission involving sunshine laws. What I have come to find out is the truth is –  Damien is a liar!

Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian'S Campaign Manager'S Kids Reveal The Truth Christi'S Opponents &Amp; Issues Damian Pardo,Damian

Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian'S Campaign Manager'S Kids Reveal The Truth Christi'S Opponents &Amp; Issues Damian Pardo,Damian

Maybe I’m too critical, but I find Damian sloppy. He doesn’t pay attention to instructions or basics in town halls regarding where to stand or which microphones to use. He’s kind of like President Joe Biden. Plus, he can’t spell or use good grammar and know what to capitalize.

Honestly, I can’t imagine our City documents if he’s already starting out with this level of sloppiness in his grammar and spelling. I mean, think about how many times he’s seen my name on items, and he still gets more than half of my name incorrect. What will he do for your street? Keep up the same sloppy City behavior?


Does Damian Pardo Live In Coconut Grove? The Short Answer, NO! And he never has lived in Coconut Grove.

In forums Damian claims he’s lived in  Coconut Grove and spent his life in Miami. According to a background check Damian currently lives in Morningside Park. Prior he lived in Key Biscayne and District 3. He has lived in MIAMI, FL (MIAMI-DADE COUNTY since 02/1984.  Prior he lived in  SAINT PAUL, MN (DAKOTA COUNTY). I cannot find where he ever resided in Coconut Grove.


He lies about being the ONLY one fighting corruption during press briefings

This is the first of the blatant lies in which his campaign claims to be built around. His campaign claims to fight corruption, and he claims to be the ONLY one fighting corruption could not be further from the truth. In the February Special election, without any consultants or a campaign manager armed with the truth, I came out swinging at the Government Gangsters.

Damian knows this is a lie, because the candidate before me in this video decided to tell a emotional fluff story to distract the audience from telling the truth.

Where was Damian Pardo during the February Special Election? Where is there proof he ever called out the corruption? If so, which investigators did he contact?

Recently in the West Grove town hall, I  asked Damian and the other candidates what corruption they’ve found and which investigators he’s reported corruption to. They laughed. I’m still waiting for responses.

Damien Pardo claims he’s the ONLY one at the Billy Corben-produced press conference to call for Joe Carollo’s removal, not true.

I have also attended and spoken at the only press briefing Damien references. Here’s proof Damien is lying about being the only candidate at the press conference. Here is my speech that went completely unaired on the news. A special thanks to one of my neighbors for recording it. Please notice the full-width view version to see Damian whispering while I was speaking because I was NOT supposed to be there, I was not invited, but this is CITY PROPERTY.


How Press Conferences Work in Correlation With Lawsuits and News

Please allow me a minute to explain how press conferences take place and who plans them.  Typically, press conferences are called for by a public relations agency or PR Agency. I own Tasker Agency, a PR agency, so I know. Think about a PR agency a little like an attorney’s office. Behind the scenes, there is collaboration and collusion to get the best message out. Like law firms, some PR agencies take on propaganda cases, others do not.

In this case, Billy Corben was the producer and marketed the press conference. It is my understanding the press conference along with all of the Carollo chicken wife beater memorabilia and propaganda was part of the Bill Fuller lawsuit too.

I only found out about the press conference because a neighbor of mine informed me. It was NOT because I was invited.

Here is Damian’s speech that was aired by his friends in the media – notice the speech is pre-written for him because this was a planned event for Damian to shine.



Is Damien Pardo working for Ball & Chain’s Bill Fuller to Get The City of Miami to pay the $63.5 Million dollar lawsuit?

Somewhere in the middle is the truth. Damien Pardo is a play-to-play. We already know Damien Pardo is a liar. He’s a shaky liar too.


Who sponsors and pays for the Calle Ocho Gay8 Festival?

Joe Carollo is a key sponsor along with Ball & Chain business and Willliam “Bill” Fuller.

I’ve noticed that Damien Pardo keeps insinuating the City Taxpayers are “on the hook for the $63.5 Million dollars” in Joe Carollo’s lawsuit.

NO, Damien! You are wrong! City of Miami taxpayers are NOT on the hook for Sloppy Joe’s personal choices and operating outside of Miami City Charter. Sorry grifter! That paycheck is NOT coming in from City taxpayers. A judgment is not a demand for payment and our City Charter clearly states 

Other candidates such as incumbent Sabina Covo, Eddy Leal,  and James Torres, are constantly stating City Taxpayers are on the line for Joe Carollo’s bad personal choice$.


I have discovered why Damien Pardo is really running for District 2 Commission

Damien Pardo needs your vote to keep his government grift going to pad his own pockets. Here’s how he’s connected to the government. His organizations and political action committee monies are all coming from government resources, politicians, media outlets, and journalists.

Let’s start with the list of established politicians that Damien Pardo is connected to:

  • Joe Carollo
    • Republican District 3 City of Miami Commissioner
    • Bayfront Park Trust (the UNtrusted Trust Chair)
  • Bruno Burrero
    • Republican commissioner
  • Bill Kaplan 
  • Toma Carlos 
  • John Rivera 
  • Raquel Regalado (Current Miami Dade Commissioner, District 7
    • Daughter of former Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado
  • Morningside Historic Education Center 

Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian'S Campaign Manager'S Kids Reveal The Truth Christi'S Opponents &Amp; Issues Damian Pardo,Damian

Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian'S Campaign Manager'S Kids Reveal The Truth Christi'S Opponents &Amp; Issues Damian Pardo,Damian

Deceptive Damian Pardo Is A Long-Time Government Grifter, Fortunately, Damian'S Campaign Manager'S Kids Reveal The Truth Christi'S Opponents &Amp; Issues Damian Pardo,Damian


Where Has Damian Pardo Been? If Damian Cares So Much, Where Was Damian In the February Election?

While Damian pretends to be the nice, caring guy in the public eye, I just wonder, if he cares so much about his community, why didn’t he register to run in the February election?  Why has three-time District 2 commission candidate Javier Gonzelez behind him, even though he promised to run himself in he February election?

I smell fish and so do Javier’s friends and neighbors. Last election, Javier ran his own campaign with no one’s help. Now I wonder what interest he has in Damien winning this race?  So take a look at my findings and let me know what you think.


Damian Pardo needs repeated instructions; he’s tardy and so scared he shakes and shuffles.

After being on many candidate forums with Damien Pardo, I am not making fun of him. It’s quite the opposite. I am concerned about him, and it appears as though someone is using him. They even write speeches for him. I’ve realized he is severely dependent on others to tell him what to do, what to say, where to stand, which microphone to use, whether the microphone is on, or if he should stand up or sit down. He also writes down everything as if he won’t recall his own responses.

Most candidates running with me will agree because we all find it annoying. It’s like babysitting a toddler. You think they’re potty trained then, the next thing you know, they’ve pooped behind the sofa.

In Damian’s case, he is either forgetful, frightened, or both. Either way, it’s not good. Just so you don’t think I’m just being mean or attacking another candidate, here  are a few incidents of my references:

  1. Damian was late to the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove candidate forum –  Seriously! Who in District 2 doesn’t know where the Woman’s Club is located and even tries to give the excuse that they were at the wrong place? We all make mistakes, but isn’t this a BIG ISSUE, starting meetings on time?
  2. At the Icon HOA candidates forum, we were told to stand in a certain spot. After multiple ups and downs, Damian NEVER got the hang of where to stand without direction from other candidates.
  3. Brickell Homeowners Association & West Grove Homeowners Association – 

In Damian’s defense, he said he’s very glad to be finished with the forums, but forums are the most like our Commission meetings. All eyes are on you and there’s lots of pressure. He struggles under pressure. Some people do, but in this role as our Commissioner, we need a fearless leader.

He does have a scar on his head, possibly from a brain injury, so I am doing my best to be sympathetic but honest because we’re stuck with the voter’s choice for four years.




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