Eddy Leal, Condo King & Home Owners Asylum Maker

Eddy Leal, Chief Public Distractor For Francis Suarez and His Real Estate Minions Making Millions Disenfranchising New Homeowners & Running Senior Citizens From Their Homes


Eddy Leal failed to hold an HOA election to stay in power, and he called the police on an 86-year-old who questioned his authority.

On January 25, I received the first citizen call requesting I come to a meeting in Eddy Leal’s building. It was a group of very concerned neighbors who told me horrific stories about Eddy Leal failing to hold an election for his HOA and doing whatever he could to stay in power. He even called the police on an 86-year-old resident and homeowner when she questioned his authority via a Zoom meeting.

The police remember the incident well. The homeowners remember the incident but Eddy fails to tell the truth about the incident UNTIL he was informed that the 86-year-old he called the police on is my campaign manager’s aunt. She was so traumatized by Eddy’s dictatorship that she and other residents filed  Department of Business and Professional Regulations  (DBPR) complaints. The DBPR is so bogged down that complaints are not answered years later and investigators

any of this information along with his tight connections to Francis Saurez, debenched Judge Martin Zilber and Eddy has never reported any of the corruption to the FBI, FDLE, or other authorities.

When I hear a candidate ONLY repeat the same thing repeatedly, they begin to sound like a rehearsed robot.

When candidates like Eddy Leal begin to slow down their message or constantly waste time with mic checks, then overextend their time, I hope the public realizes they are time wasters and distractors from real problems.


Eddy Leal Francis Suarez’s APPOINTED MAYOR’S OFFICE ATTORNEY Working Under Tricky Vicki Mendez

Remember, the Ponzi Postalita Francis Suarez selects the City Attorney Vicki Mendez. Vicki Mendez is under investigation. Francis Suarez is the globalist WEC puppet. Like Vicki Mendez, Francis Suarez bought Eddy Leal with a mayor’s office-appointed attorney years ago.

Everyone knows that Francis can see talented people, and he immediately tries to buy off anyone speaking out against him or his agenda. Eddy Leal took Francis’s bait with positions in government. Now, he’s owned FOREVER!


Eddy Leal is buying up multiple condos in buildings under shell companies.

Remember, somewhere in the middle of what they say is the truth. Eddy informs the public that he runs millions of dollars in finances because he does. he has been the President of his HOA for TWO terms. And that he’s the mayor’s office attorney, and we need someone who KNOWS City Hall.

Eddy Leal is on the record and the attorney of multiple shell companies.  See the active condo corruption board below.


Francis Saurez Sent Eddy Leal & Martin Zilber’s Heckler To Endorse Me For Any HIGHER Office But NOT Miami District 2 Commissioner

That’s right! Friend of Sabina Covo, Martin Zilber, Francis Suarez and Eddy Leal is Ephriam Murillo Jr.

Ephriam’s “sign boys” is now Eddy Leal’s Heckler!


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Who is Ephriam Murillo Jr? Why is he with Eddy Leal? Why does he matter?

Last time Ephriam Murillo, Jr was Martin Zilber’s heckler. Remember the guy who heckled for Martin Zilber at the Downtown Neighbors Alliance Forum, where I informed the audience of James Torres working with Joe Carollo to collect $39,000 for the 900 Building? Well, that was Francis’s friend Ephriam.

After the election, Ephriam wanted to meet with me to decide who he was going to “Support” for the District 2 election. I met him in Brickell at a coffee shop.

After speaking with him for less than five minutes he informed me that he and Francis would endorse me for ANY other office EXCEPT for City of Miami District 2 Commission. Does that tell you how important the commission seat is?

I know because Francis Suarez sent his minion Ephriam Murillo Jr. to try to buy me off! I’ve included a video of Eddy with Ephriam and more details below. It’s important because Ephriam was the chief heckler for Judge Martin Zilber in the last race.

To make the public think they are doing the right thing. Francis typically does ONE, sometimes TWO big things to distract the public making people think they are doing the right thing.

Grovites, think about it – what did Eddy Leal really do for you? Keep in mind he had FULL CONTROL to do whatever he wanted to under Francis’s office. And per the Florida Constitution, the County has no real standing to override the City “subdivision” decision.

Did Eddy or Francis bother to meet with the Governor who could actually do something regarding the Playhouse?

Remember, Eddy’s claim to fame I to have stopped the Playhouse initiative for Francis. What has he done on his own agenda?

In short, in March of 2023 Ephriam informed me that he and Francis had already made up their mind to back Eddy Leal for this November race.


Ephriam Murillo Jr. is Columbian a political grifter who claims to be a real estate investor who photobombs everyone, now he’s working for Eddy Leal

Ephriam Murillo Jr. is a real estate investor and he’s a dear friend of Francis Suarez. Listen to Eddy and Ephriam in their own words. Notice their complete lack of professionalism.


Eddy Leal’s Campaign Sign In Doug Cox Yard?

Another campaign has reported that Eddy Leal’s campaign yard sign is now in Doug Cox’s yard. I will validate with a photo shortly. I cannot validate that a Doug Cox is a voter in District 2 so I’m not sure why he would have a yard sign for Leal on his property.


Lobbyists Are People Advocating For Causes, Just as Eddy Leal Uses Frances Saurez’s Appointment as “Mayor’s Office Attorney 

Thank you to Manolo Reyes for calling out Eddy Leal as an unregistered lobbyist who works for the mayor’s office. As a commissioner, we can speak to our neighbors, but we all must follow the law, which Eddy Leal and Francis Saurez know very well. Conveniently ordering Papa John’s pizza for City staffers is strictly prohibited.

Eddy Leal, The Mayor’s New Counsel, Got His Weenie Caught in a Meat Grinder, and it’s bad enough to warrant a bar complaint being filed against him for sleaziness in the first degree. 

The full rundown…

Who Is Eddy Leal Miami? Eddy Leal Is About His Interest And His Client'S Interest, Not Citizens Of Miami Interest.

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