Corruption Fighting Candidate Christi Tasker Joins District 2 Race Calling For Joe Carollo’s Resignation & Immediate Return of Bay Front Park Trust

Christi Tasker Was The Only Candidate To Respectfully Request Joe Carollo’s Resignation at Miami City Commission Meeting

Cox Communications award-winning female Tech Exec Christi Tasker re-runs for Miami City Commission’s District 2 seat to rid corruption and heavy taxpayer burdens like Joe Carollo on the City’s time and expenses. Despite the lack of public trust and numerous outreaches by citizens, Christi Tasker was the ONLY past or current candidate for District 2 commissioner that attended yesterday’s commission meeting to face Joe Carollo to respectfully and publicly ask Joe Carollo to step down from his office

Christi Tasker Addresses Joe Carollo At Miami Commission Meeting

Tasker’s strong, common-sense leadership style is what District 2 voters need in City Hall to provide essential city services that citizens expect. With an excuses attitude, Tasker does not cave to corruption or elevate any political figure. She vows not to sit silently while taxpayers experience hardships and are burdened with enormous yet avoidable unnecessary costs incurred by the political leadership or bad policies. To work for citizens, instead of big developers or non-government organization agendas, Christi’s campaign will be funded by people and local South Florida businesses instead of communist-tied developers, PAC funds, and NGOs that are directly against American values. 

Christi Tasker on Miami’s Core Corruption & Critical Culture Shift That Must Occur In Miami City Hall

“Our City employees and contractors have expressed being forced to do political favors for Government Gangsters that make bad choices and disenfranchise all citizens through their big development connections or non-government related agendas. Police and fire departments are fully controlled by politicians. Politicians intervene when police write a simple traffic violation to their friends. We have good City workers that want to do their jobs. They do NOT want to be involved in a play-to-pay system under the same commissioners responsible for their pensions and retirement funds, which are shuffled from one bank account to another. For all we know, their retirements may be caught up in the latest Political Ponzi scheme like FTX or Miami Coin. No one knows! The City has irresponsibly lost millions of City & County combined tax dollars. People often complain about the police officers; they are not to blame for slow or no responses to robberies and crime calls. Our politicians are further abusing their powers by taking police off our streets for their personal security detail and leaving citizens without services; the politicians are to blame! The City of Miami police department has a 50-officer shortage. Yet Planning & Zoning Board has a lightning-speed approach that often favors communist-connected developers over long-time taxpayers. They are directly a part of creating the inflated property cost as they disenfranchise median-income families with condo sellouts – all of this results in increased rents. It’s a problem-reaction-solution circumstance that creates more government control. Our fire safety equipment must be accessible and installed BEFORE new building permits are issued. The City laws that violate citizens’ fundamental constitutional, bill of rights, and property rights – will be constitutionally restored under my common sense approaches. When citizens vote for me on November 7th, they will have a mom and Abuela that can say the Pledge of Allegiance and has a proven award-winning business background in successfully finding solutions to the most difficult problems, all while bringing back the culture that makes Miami great.” says Christi Tasker.


Christi Tasker Is The Only Fiscally Responsible Candidate For Miami District 2

In the November election and the past February election, Tasker is the only experienced business and technology professional among the other 15 candidates that have entered the race. Tasker self-funded her February campaign for $5,000 and rolled more than $3,000 over to the November campaign. Responsibly and without annoying citizens, Tasker worked solo without a campaign team to successfully obtain more votes per dollar than all 13 other candidates on the ballot proving that she was the most economically responsible of all other candidates. 


How Christi Will Restore Trust and Transparency In Miami City Hall

To restore trust and transparency, Christi is committed to hiring knowledgeable staff to document all city services for public view with a delivery date and schedule for on-time every time delivery. She’ll use her creative executive coaching skills to make City employees feel comfortable in a culture that does not accept corruption or incite agendas.


About Christi Tasker | | @Christi4Miami

Christi Tasker is an international business consultant, entrepreneur, social media pioneer, brand creator, podcaster, angel investor, and owner of numerous businesses, including Christi Tasker Miami, Tasker Agency, PuTTin’ OuT, Design Rockstars, Casa Wynwood, Dallas Showhouse, Wynwood Lab, among other established and start-up businesses and technology solutions. Tasker is an expert opinion and trusted author for multiple media outlets, including NBC News.  


The Tipping Point For Christi Tasker

As a Brickell resident since 2018, Tasker encountered former District 2 commissioner Ken Russell when she was unanimously nominated as spokesperson of 25th RD. The Roads citizens were dealing with a lack of city transparency, violations of Sunshine Laws, and building code violations. As the chaotic construction occurred on her street and the OKO Group’s Civic Construction company breached an aquifer breach, Tasker obtained a brief Stop Work permit when Mr. Russell released the permit.  Read more about Christi’s views of the Una Residences project. 

Prior to the 25th RD incident, Christi’s business Casa Wynwood, a private club for members only in Wynwood, experienced building department pay-off bribery requests in 2015.  Later Christi and her husband lost their lease to Wynwood gentrification issues and the Zika Virus threats.

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