Letter of Endorsement From Republican National Assembly of Florida (RNHA)

Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHA-FL) Endorses Christi Tasker for City of Miami Commissioner, District 2

Miami, FL – October 29, 2023 Follow RHNA on Twitter & RT Christi’s Endorsement Letter Rh Christi Tasker’s Response To The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida

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The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHAFL) is proud to announce its endorsement of Christi Tasker for City of Miami Commissioner, District 2, in the upcoming municipal election. Christi Tasker has demonstrated a profound commitment to the values that resonate not just with members of the RNHAFL but also with the broader community. Her dedication to fostering economic growth, ensuring community safety, and enhancing the overall quality of life for residents aligns seamlessly with our vision for Miami and its hard-working citizens. Christi Tasker is the embodiment of leadership that District 2 needs”, said Emilio Ruiz, Chairman of the RNHAFL. “Her passion for public service, combined with her innovative approach to problem-solving, makes her the ideal candidate. She understands the unique challenges and opportunities within our community. She is prepared to bring people together for the common good.” Her platform promises to bring a refreshing blend of proactive, community-centered initiatives that will drive positive change and set the stage for a prosperous future. The RNHAFL firmly believes that Christi Tasker will serve as a voice for all residents, promoting sound development, cooperation, and transparency in governance. We urge voters in District 2 to cast their ballots for Christi Tasker on November 6, 2024, confident that she will work tirelessly to represent their interests and make a lasting positive impact on the community. For more information about Christi Tasker’s campaign or to schedule an interview, please get in touch with https://christi4miami.com

About the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHA-FL)

The RNHAFL is dedicated to empowering Hispanic Americans and promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government through community engagement, education, and advocacy at all levels of government. Contact: Emilio Ruiz Chairman Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida Emilio@RNHAFlorida.org www.RNHAFlorida.org

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