Coconut Grove Spotlight Asked and Christi Tasker Answered

Christi Tasker, Miami Independent, Liberty Caucus, Citizens First Endorsed Candidate Answers Coconut Grove Spotlight Interview Questions: 

What are your three top priorities and actions? 

In her first week, Christi Tasker will propose legislation to: 

  1. Raise taxes on short-term rental properties to lower homestead taxes, prevent Miamians from more homelessness, relieve strains on emergency services, &  increase local business patrons.
  2. Require new infrastructure before COs are granted for new developments. 
  3. Obtain strict tree ordinances with arborist requirements. 


Three qualifications and/or accomplishments

 Christi Tasker is a fearless leader who is: 

  1. The First Female Cox Communications Tech Executive for Community Exemplary.
  2. Winner of numerous awards from the Public Relations Society of America
  3. Educator at Miami Ad School, Emory University, GoCrayons in the Philippines, and Miami-Dade College, among others. 
  4. Angel investor for multiple local small start-up businesses. 

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 Action steps to restore public confidence and accountability

Christi Tasker is committed to: 

  1. All public documents must be placed online as they arrive at City Hall. 
  2. Fulfill Freedom of Information Act requests on time every time. 
  3. Continue to host Townhall Tuesdays at Twelve for public awareness. 
  4. Ask for online public input PRIOR to voting on Commission-related issues. 


 Strategies and/or initiatives to preserve the West Grove

Christi Tasker plans to reduce her office staff to provide: 

  1. Street clean-up staff that can restore basic infrastructure with the help of brand sponsorships. 
  2. Add basketball courts and sports programs. 
  3. Like-minded community patrol officers. 
  4. Traffic patrol officers and quickly obtain traffic calming measures without waiting for useless studies. 
  5. A Citizens First mentorship program for seniors and youth. 


Strategy for the Coconut Grove Playhouse?

Christi plans to utilize the State’s authority combined with the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NRHP) to remove the Playhouse from Miami-Dade County’s possession so the building can be fully preserved as intended as part of the NRHP. Tasker believes the County and City officials conspire to prevent a complete restoration. 


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