The Only D2 Miami Commission Candidate That Called For Alex Diaz de la Portilla To Stop Gerrymandering | Christi Tasker Statement

Christi Tasker’s Official Long-Awaited Statement Regarding Miami King of Corruption  Alex Diaz de la Portilla’s Arrest for Money Laundering, Bribery, and Further Abuse of Power


Miami’s King of Corruption, Alex Diaz de la Portilla’s soft coup d’etat on Miami must end.


Alex Diaz de la Portillas poor legislation and Government Gangster style leadership typically only happen or are permitted in third-world countries.

I believe there are more charges that the FDLE or the Department of Justice will still investigate, including developer payoffs, additional bribery charges than we can imagine, and further abuse of political power for an outright coup d’etat.

Whistleblowers should come forward now, do NOT wait to be investigated.

Miami police officers and other city workers who have witnessed potential crimes should immediately come forward. There are protections for whistleblowers. You can include me in your correspondences or go directly to the U.S. Marshalls and/or the United States Department of Justice if you believe the crimes involve the State of Florida.

If the crimes are only at the county level, please get in touch with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and you can include me and other journalists in your correspondences. When Mr. Diaz de la Portilla was arrested, I began receiving calls from whistleblowers. I will be listening to stories myself and directing City employees and witnesses to investigators. Some may qualify for whistleblower protection.

Alex Diaz de la Portilla’s Connections, Crime & Coup de e’tat Run Deep & Wide With Abuse and Weaponization Using The Republican Executive Committee

Through my news shows and Patriots Perspective podcast preparation research and my Town Halls on Tuesdays at Twelve research, I found clear evidence that Mr. Diaz de la Portilla colluded with other top government officials and used the Republican Executive Committee to maintain even greater control. Then, his ties to State politicians and placing employees in city offices and ghost employees should also cost him.

Alex Diaz de la Portilla is NO Donald Trump, he may wish he were Donald Trump, he’s the King of the Corruption Cartel attempting coup de e’tat on Miami Citizens

Alex Diaz de la Portilla is knowingly using political retaliation we’re seeing nationally, which is gross and a distraction from his own alleged crimes. Comparing himself to President Donald Trump is a disgrace and a typical move to gain public sympathy. Alex Diaz de la Portilla may wish he was Donald Trump. Still, the only thing ADLP and the Miami Corruption Cartel are known for is creating over-development problems and pretending to react with radical senseless solutions using third-world-style staged food handouts.

Mr. Diaz DLP’s mafia-style control over the City Commission simultaneously ruling both the Republican and Democrat Party is in plain sight. Both Chairwoman Christine King, through former commissioners, and Sabina Covo, the District 2 incumbent in my race, are under the ADLP spell of serving him, not our community.

Together, the three commissioners, with Joe Carollos help, have created the epi-center of lack of affordable housing by poor legislation and payoffs. Being on the take for personal gain is the name of their game. While playing with our tax dollars and failing to deliver the most basic services and protect citizens and our employees, ADLP has compromised the future of Miami parks, services, and property ownership for decades.

Sadly, he and those under ADLP’s control have forced overdevelopment, avoided planning for proper infrastructure, and put citizens’ safety at risk. Plus, the City is on the verge of economic collapse and bankruptcy.

The extent of gerrymandering an opponent out of District 1 shows his fear of losing power, which we’ve only seen historically in dictators.

Hopefully, Governor DeSantis will intervene to remove him from office. If I were a voter in District 1, I would vote for Miguel Angel Gabriel to ensure Alex is voted out of office forever. 

Alex Diaz de la Portilla Is a RINO, Communist in Disguise, Not a Republican

Furthermore, because there is a lot of party chatter regarding what party Alex De La Portilla is in, I want to address that Alex Diaz de la Portilla is a well-known RINO (Republican In Name Only) ruling the Republican Party at the State level. Believe it or not, I have clear evidence that he is formerly a registered Democrat. His tactics are un-American and more likely align with Communist tactics.

For example:

America First and Miami First Republicans who have gone against his grain are often not permitted into the Republican Executive Committee (REC) meetings. I know I am one of them.

The REC secret society-style meetings do not operate according to Roberts Rules or their bylaws. Some even say they operate per the Masonic Order. Regardless, the REC meetings are run like a chaotic dictatorship, and the Board has chosen to completely omit our Miami City November 7 election from the calendar.

Together We Can End Alex Diaz de la Portilla His Corruption Cartel’s Reign

I believe ADLP knows their days of ruling the City of Miami and utilizing our taxpayer funds are almost over. Hopefully, his rule over  South Florida via the Grand Ole Party (GOP) is coming to an end too. My known RINOs list showing connections to both parties is coming soon.

For clarity, good people in our community all have the same common values- we all want to live in liberty and pursue happiness without being ruled by anyone.

To my fellow citizens, if you see something, say something. Don’t let the corruption cartel by with another day of destroying our land or bay. You have rights. You do not have to sell to developers who want to take over the property. Question your government about anything that piques your curiosity. Most importantly – do not be afraid of the corruption cartel.

Thank you for voting for me, Christi Tasker, for District 2 Miami Commissioner. If you’re in District 1, please vote for Miguel Angel Gabriel. Together with Manolo Reyes, we will de-throne Joe Carollo and Commissioner King if she chooses to continue to work for Alex.

I look forward to serving as your nicest, most transparent Commissioner in Miami’s history.

Together – we can stop the Government Gangsters,

The Only D2 Miami Commission Candidate That Called For Alex Diaz De La Portilla To Stop Gerrymandering | Christi Tasker Statement Miami Corruption Arrests, Miami News Corruption

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 The Only D2 Miami Commission Candidate That Called For Alex Diaz De La Portilla To Stop Gerrymandering | Christi Tasker Statement Miami Corruption Arrests, Miami News Corruption

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The Only D2 Miami Commission Candidate That Called For Alex Diaz De La Portilla To Stop Gerrymandering | Christi Tasker Statement Miami Corruption Arrests, Miami News Corruption



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